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Between June – December 2018 all my writing will be streamed to this website. Video feeds will be announced weekly. An app will trace every single one of my keystrokes. You’ll find archived streams and logfiles on the bottom of this page. For further information visit:

Past Sessions

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31_07_2018_TEXT_log alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] just assume the position of somebody having interesting things to say to, say [alt][RIGHT] [alt][RIGHT] [alt][RIGHT] [BACKSP]
30_07_2018_TEXT_log [cmd]n Books I haven [alt]' t read in 2018:[ENTER] [ENTER] Michael Krebber [alt]- Pubertät in der Lehre / Puberty in Teaching [alt]5 Walther König, Köln 2008 [alt]6 [ENTER]
28_06_2018_TEXT_log cmd]q Lieber Herbert,[ENTER] [ENTER] vielen Dank für die Email. Und die tolle Einladung. Als altes Pollesch-Fangirl ist Gießen natürlc[BACKSP] ich aufregend.[ENTER] [ENTER]
26_06_2018_TEXT_log I hope you are alright. You seem insanely tough[LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][shift][RIGHT] okay [cmd][RIGHT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][LEFT] [alt][shift][RIGHT] alright [cmd][RIGHT]
20_06_2018_TEXT_log BACKSP] [BACKSP] [BACKSP] ed [cmd]z [cmd]z [cmd]z [alt]. [alt]- [cmd]i ari[BACKSP] tistss[BACKSP] [BACKSP] [cmd]t gallery had[BACKSP] ndo[DOWN] [ENTER] [BACKSP] , yet
19_06_2018_TEXT_log I [alt]' m normally pretty good i[BACKSP] with schedules. [cmd][shift][LEFT] [BACKSP] But somehow this project is brining out my inner slob.
7_06_2018_TEXT_log fuck forgot the keylogger[BACKSP] aufwachsen mit expressiven männern [cmd]s [cmd]w disjunction german[ENTER]
3_06_2018_TEXT_log [BACKSP] , real fruit.[BACKSP] , real beef, real [alt]. [alt]. [alt]. [ENTER] [ENTER] [ENTER] [alt]. [alt]. i think she was pretty good in [alt]5 [alt]. [alt]6 .
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