Los Santos Plays itself

performance by Sebastian Lütgert, featuring Robert Luxemburg as Kim Fowley Jr: "The best performance ever made in Grand Theft Auto V." — Lazlow Jones, Fame or Shame

29 April 2017 from 17:00  – 21:00 | Free


About the event

"Los Santos Plays Itself" is a performance in Grand Theft Auto Online, loosely inspired by Thom Anderson's 2004 film "Los Angeles Plays Itself". The Performance is part of the exhibition WORK | GAME


Sebastian Lütgert (a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg) lives and works in Berlin as an artist, writer and programmer. He is the co-founder of Bootlab (2000-2007), Pirate Cinema Berlin (2004-), 0xDB (2007-) and Pad.ma (2008-), and was the co-organizer of several international conferences, like The Dictionary of War (Frankfurt-Munich-Graz-Berlin 2006-2007), The Oil of the 21st Century (Berlin 2007), The Summit of Non-Aligned Initiatives in Education and Culture (Berlin 2007) and Properties of the Autonomous Archive (Bombay 2011). His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, among them Animations (PS1 2001, Kunstwerke 2002), Werkleitz Biennale (2004), Poor Man's Expression (Kino Arsenal 2004, Artists Space 2012), Van Abbe Museum (2006), Manifesta (2008), Gwangju Biennale (2008), Taipei Biennale (2008), Artists Space (2012), Documenta (2012, with Pad.ma), Istanbul Biennale (2015) and Pane per poveri (2017).

Documentation of the exhibition

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