LU-na MO-on reflect (2017) by Brane Zorman

11 October 2019 from 21:30  – 22:15

Sound Night


About the event

Since we were born and from which our ancestors were born, we are surrounded and pierced by the layers and pulses of electromagnetic radiation of various intensities and different qualities - some are completely non-hazardous, while others, when exposed, also cause physical changes or even injuries. Most of them are not heard and can not be seen (the exception is light), so we do not feel or perceive their current activities. But their energy passes through our bodies, cells, communicates with us and triggers either chemical, electrical, physical reactions. It creates an invisible presence within our presence. There should be silence in the universe (possibly also). It's cold in the universe. Silence and cold. Without a protective envelope as it is known on earth in the form of an atmosphere, matter is burning or freezing. But if we "listen" to the universe with the appropriate technological equipment, and the converted EMS signals are converted into our audio (perceptual) area, suddenly we hear the symphonies that are continuously generated, altered, merged, repelled and vanished without beginning and without end. They are eternal, unfolding, and

evolving from the very beginning (the feast) and, according to their own laws, they build dramaturgy, and this is always without a conductor. At the same time, they are reflected and returned in the spiral loops and after a million light-years are still not lost or weakened. In the project LU-na MO-on reflekt I intend to describe the previously described sound materials, which will serve as the basic structural basis for the electro- acoustic composition. I intend to add electromagnetic images to compositional molecular lines of classical instruments from the selection of string, wind and percussion instruments, which will organically connect to a complementary harmonic structures.


Brane Zorman is a composer, sound and radio artist, sound manipulator and producer, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has composed numerous sound works for theatre, dance, internet and newmedia events and dance performances. His work examines and explores the possibilities of processing, presence, perception, understanding, positioning, manipulating and reinterpret the sounds and space(s), with special focus on uncovering the unseen, unheard and hidden sounds like electro magnetic spectrum. Employing analogue and digital technologies and techniques his work traverses the fields of music, multimedia, and visual space. By using either sophisticated and or plain simple tools he is constantly developing strategies, methods, dynamic and interactive interpretation models, soundscapes, creating electronic and acoustic evolving sound sculptures. He is collaborating with many domestic and international sound artists, curates new media, sound art and radio art exhibitions.

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