Bad Sun Rising and present a SoundNight of Japanoise, K-Noise, and BerliNoise

13 December 2023 from 20:00  – open end | 10



About the event

At the context of the exhibtion UNSOUND :::the shape of sound::: Gil Kuno and organised a SoundNight full of Japanoise, K-Noise, and BerliNoise.


Yu Miyashita

Yu Miyashita Berlin-based Yu Miyashita, a multifaceted Japanese artist, dons various hats in the world of music – from composer and sound designer to mixing and mastering engineer, and from live performer to DJ. Also recognized by his alias, Yaporigami, Miyashita's musical prowess extends beyond the stage, breathing life into films, commercials, fashion shows, installations, and theaters.

With a reputation that resonates internationally, Miyashita has showcased his talent on prominent labels like Germany's Mille Plateaux, America's Detroit Underground, Spain's Analogical Force, and Japan's Virgin Babylon Records. His distinctive music videos – such as SyncBody, Mimic, The Motion Paradox, and Lilium – have not just graced screens but have been nominated and celebrated at film festivals globally.

Miyashita's recent endeavors are a testament to his versatility and boundless creativity. He's melded his auditory artistry with the visual marvels of contemporary artist Chiharu Shiota and the iconic designs of Dutch architectural firm OMA. The world of high fashion has also experienced Miyashita's touch, with his music gracing the runways for the brand VIVIANO on four occasions. His collaborative exhibition with Kezzardrix at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts further accentuates his knack for transcending musical boundaries.

Perhaps one of his most illustrious contributions to cinema is his masterful soundtrack for the film, "This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection," directed by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese. Premiering at the Venice Biennale, the film has since been a beacon of acclaim, clinching over 25 awards at international film festivals, including the revered American Sundance.

Beyond his personal achievements, Miyashita's passion for curating exceptional soundscapes is evident in his label, The Collection Artaud. Through this venture, he continues to push the envelope, setting new standards in electronic music.

In every note he crafts and every performance he delivers, Yu Miyashita stands as a symbol of innovation, collaboration, and the timeless beauty of music.

Nobutaka Shomura

Nobutaka Shomura is an electronic musician, contemporary dancer, and media artist based in Berlin, originally from Japan.

His sound design of organic materials represents his interest in the embodiment of fragments of his personal memories, which are amplified by synesthesia and trauma. His experiments of composition with the presence of his vocal performance reinterprets Japanese underground industrial music and European experimental dub music in the context of experimental pop. He expands the perception of musical experiences as his multimedia performances with his physical identities as a contemporary dancer and a martial artist. The entanglement of tangible/intangible media in his performances along with sculpting soundscapes are associated with critical statements of cultural mutations in global capitalism and how presence of minorities can overcome toxic relationships with capitalism.

Shomura has released his track from Furanum Records in 2022, Nadryv Records in 2021, and 76666 in 2020. He has contributed to the contemporary arts scene in Berlin as a composer as well. He has produced soundtracks for performance pieces shown at Ifa gallery in Berlin (2022), Auswärtiges Amt (Berlin, 2021), Innsbruck Biennial of the Arts (2020), Zilberman Gallery (Berlin, 2019), Times Art Center (Berlin), Goethe Institute (Hong Kong, 2018), and The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu (Japan, 2017).

poster gagaga

GA•GA•GA is the brainchild of Gil Kuno and Radio ensembles Aiida.

Gil Kuno is an artist who has fronted innovative bands such as the guitar deconstruction collective "Six String Sonics, The” and the world’s first Internet band “Wiggle.” He has worked with musicians such as EYE (Boredoms,) Yoshimi (Boredoms, OOIOO,) Battles, Vincent Gallo, Ken Ishii, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins,) Carl Stone, Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot,) Steve Albini (Big Black, Shellac,) Cristian Vogel, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, GX Jupitter Larsen (The Haters,) Nissennenmondai, Christian Galarreta, Joseph Hammer, etc.

Gil has won multiple awards from the Japanese government, Ars Electronica, Canon Digital Creator’s Contest, and received recognition from Timothy Leary. More at and @gilkuno (IG.)

Radio ensembles Aiida (@aiidaxaiida, is a “performing installation artist” from the JapaNoise scene in Tokyo.

She uses antique radios to tap into the airwaves, weaving odd cadences via relay switches and rotating turntables.

She makes full use of shortwave, AM/FM bandwidths to create sound textures from the radio surfing experience. Subtle, at times, explosive.


YI SEUNGGYU Studied Design (Arts/Engineering) and Media Art at Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea and Kyushu University in Japan. He taught media art, sound design, and programming at Seoul Institute of the Arts and Dong-A Institute of Media and Arts in Korea. In 2016, he participated in Visual pattern programming, sound design and Production of Sample Sound Sources, and Demonstration in Samsung‘s Official Promotional Video for Galaxy Smartphones. He also teaches high-level media art computer programming as an Ableton Certified Trainer.

Currently living in Japan, he is studying media art, art and technology, and contemporary aesthetics. In 2020, he made his first appearance at ”GIGAMODULAR“ hosted by doravideo (Ichiraku Yoshimitsu). He is currently actively performing at various Media Art and Audio Visual Festivals such as ”GIGANOISE”,”Tokyo Festival of Modular”,”Asian Festival of Modular”,”Kansai Festival of Modular”,“Modular SEOUL“,”WeSa Festival”,”dotolim”and “Public Visuals”in South Korea, Japan, and the United States.