Cornelia Sollfrank, //OG flowers//, 2022

Artwork persentation by Cornelia Sollfrank within the exhibition NfTNeTArT

22 February 2022 from 16:00  – 16:30


Cornelia Sollfrank


About the event

Cornelia Sollfrank, //OG flowers//, 2022 (Edition of 100)

//OG flowers// is a rare collection of early The 100 images were created by an anonymous user of the generator exactly on 22 May 2010, a historical date in the genesis of crypto currency. They belong to the anonymous-warhol_flowers series and are part of the on-going artistic research project "this is not by me" (since 2004) in which the artist explores questions of digital authorship, originality, copyright and ownership exemplified by the iconic Warhol flowers.

Watch the Instagram Live interview with Cornelia Sollfrank from 22 February 2022.

About the exhibition


⇢ The artwork presentation is part of the exhibition NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT, a cooperation between and OFFICE IMPART.

Cornelia Sollfrank

Cornelia Sollfrank (PhD) is an artist and researcher, living in Berlin (Germany). After finishing her studies of Painting and Fine Art at the Academy of Art in Munich and the University of the Arts in Hamburg, she has worked for some years in the media industry as a product manager.

Since the early days of the World Wide Web she has explored the potential of the digital for rethinking traditional aesthetic categories while also searching for innovative forms for political transformation. As a pioneer of Internet art, Cornelia built up a reputation with two central projects: the generator – a web-based art-producing machine, and Female Extension – her famous hack of the first competition for Internet art.

Recurring subjects in her artistic and academic work in and about digital cultures are artistic infrastructures, new forms of (political) self-organization, critical authorship, aesthetics of the commons, and techno-feminist practice and theory. Her experiments with the basic principles of aesthetic modernism implied conflicts with its institutional and legal framework and led to her academic research. In her PhD Performing the Paradoxes of Intellectual Property, Cornelia investigated the increasingly conflicting relationship between art and copyright. This led to her research project Creating Commons (2017-2019) based at the University of the Arts in Zürich. In her recent research Latent Spaces. Performing Ambiguous Data, she investigates the potential of social media for political manipulation together with #purplenoise. Her performance À la recherche de l'information perdue was about gender stereotypes in the digital underground with the example of Wikileaks.

Recent publications include The beautiful Warriors. Technofeminist Practice in the 21st Century, Aesthetics of the Commons and Fix My Code (with Winnie Soon) – all open access.


//OG flowers//, 2022 – photos: Hannah Rumstedt · @hannah.rumstedt




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