Designing Futures

Workshop to build new disruptive models to share realities with others

14 September 2022 from 17:00  – 19:00

Planetary Atoll

Leslie García


About the event

"In this workshop, participants will learn a speculative approach to build new disruptive models to share realities with others through 3 parts. We will start with a bank of symbols that will make us reflect on different perspectives according to social, political and cultural contexts; these symbols will be abstracted from the pieces of the artists presented in the exhibition. In the second part there will be a display of scenarios that will lead us to design possible futures of coexistence. And in the third part, the participants will create a fanzine/manifesto with the practices of the future that will bring us closer to new collectivities of thought and coexistence." — Leslie García, Wednesday, 14 September 2022 at 17:00

➠ in Spanish or English ➠ 10 participants ➠ advance registration is required. Please contact:

About the Artist

Leslie García is a visual artist graduated from the National School of Plastic Arts (UNAM). She has been interested in reconciling the research/creation processes typical of plastic experimentation in formal educational institutions through the creation of art-educational mediation devices. Leslie's work has been developed in contemporary art museums in Mexico City, Medellín, Colombia and Ecuador. She has also developed educational curatorships in different cultural sectors such as art foundations, educational and academic organizations and is currently coordinating a department on learning experiences of the future at the Tecmilenio University, using various methodologies of disruptive pedagogy that lead to thinking about other ways of approaching knowledge and the development of future models on disruptive education in formal environments. It has been presented at various meetings in favor of the dissemination of free and inclusive knowledge such as: Knowledge and resources as a good commons in Medellín, Colombia, Empathic Pedagogies in Mexico City, The limits of Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as at the 2016 Citizen Innovation Laboratory in Cartagena, Colombia.