Fabiola Larios

Artwork presentation of Born into BIAS by Fabiola Larios within the exhibition Planetary Atoll

05 October 2022 from 15:00  – 15:30

Planetary Atoll

Fabiola Larios


About the event

Fabiola Larios: Born into BIAS (Website + AI), 2022

"My art piece consists of a chronological cartoon essay as net art piece until people navigate to the final output AI results about when you prompt Latin or Mexican person through DALLE2 and Midjourney also in Meitu a Chinese Image Editing App and how inputting a photo of myself insists on making me white. My artistic process has always been navigating the internet, reading a lot, and imagining myself as other users experiencing the internet in a different way, then I reflect on how would I like to make the spectator of my work feel about their own experience on the internet. I'm super passionate about AI and BIAs, as a dark skin colored person I have experienced these "bugs" while I try to scan myself or using sensors as a service. Also the beauty standards are very stereoyped, all people look the same and in a “disgusting way” playing with the prompts to create AI stereotyped people."

Join us for the Instagram Live interview with Fabiola Larios on Wednesday, October 5th 2022 - 15:00.

About the exhibition

Planetary Atoll: Connecting Latin American Dots is an exhibition dedicated to a set of net art works that were produced by artists from the region throughout the last three decades.

Surrounded by bipolarities, we are trying to liberate ourselves from nationalist ideas while needing to address specific issues. Whereas Internet based projects promise to outreach a planetary public, they also reveal otherwise forgotten regional specific situations. The Internet has become a political dicomotical ground, but it is also the place where a connective tissue is formed. Rather than adopting a cartography shaped by an up and down model, this exhibition examines the gap between the local and the global and how that in-betweenness emerges in certain digital artworks. This exhibtion is part of the Magical Hackerism project by SAVVY Contemporary in collaboration with panke.gallery, funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin. The exhibition is taking place in the context of Berlin Art Week.

About the Artist

Fabiola LariosInterdisciplinary artist with studies at The Knight Foundation Art + Research Center (A+RC) program, as well as specialization courses by Derrick Schultz, Andreas Reefsgard, Amor Muñoz and Jaime Lobato.

His work addresses the concepts of identity, vulnerability, and the representation of the self on the Internet. Through the use of machine learning, he works with the extraction of information and digital images, using and manipulating facial recognition to address issues such as the selfie, the internet persona, avatars, and surveillance capitalism.

She has performed Live Acts and Videoperformance in Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Bikini Wax, Mana Contemporary Miami, Teatro de las Artes - Centro Nacional de las Artes CENART, Centro de Cultura Digital, Encuentro Tecnofeminista Cyborgrrrls and in the Helloworld 2.0 Festival. She participated in ICONIC, the First Cryptocurrency Biennial, What's your Handle? curated by Angelica Fuentes and in Artificial Realities NFT Exhibition in NYC curated by Ivona Tau.

She has worked for artists such as Jaime Lobato and Paolo Cirio. She is part of the Foundation and AI Art Gallery of NeurIPS2020 (Neural Information Processing Systems) curated by Luba Elliot. She has taught workshops at Centro de Cultura Digital and School of Machines. She was selected to be part of the Generation 2021 of Young Creators of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts in Mexico.