Harm van den Dorpel, Death Imitates Language, 2016

Artwork persentation by Harm van den Dorpel within the exhibition NfTNeTArT

13 March 2022 from 12:00  – 12:30


Harm van den Dorpel


About the event

Harm van den Dorpel: Death Imitates Language, 2016

Death Imitates Language -Troppie Jackpine Zikowww
Death Imitates Language – Jedjenn Ybhrjgwi Xbcam
Death Imitates Language – Avamarie Biggnigg Flyfishi

A genealogy exploring the emergence of meaning in generative aesthetics using micro feedback and a genetic algorithm. It consists of this website and a series of custom constructed wall pieces.

This website contains an enormous population of speculative works. Each of these works is generated by inheriting sequences of information — a sort of DNA — from its ancestors. These 'genetic' codes determine which elements appear in the work and in what form or constellation. The population changes over time by means of subjective ('natural’) selection by the artist: micro feedback or 'likes' about which of the works can live on, which ones should die, and who can procreate. This feedback, combined with visitor statistics and simulated aging, causes the genetic program to mutate and (arguably) improve over time.

Join us for the Instagram Live interview with Harm van den Dorpel on 9 March 2022 (time tbc).

About the exhibition


⇢ The artwork presentation is part of the exhibition NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT, a cooperation between panke.gallery and OFFICE IMPART.

Harm van den Dorpel

Harm van den Dorpel is an artist dedicated to discovering emergent aesthetics by composing software and language, borrowing from disparate fields such as genetics and blockchain. He also co-founded left gallery. Based in Berlin.


Death Imitates Language, 2016 – photos: Hannah Rumstedt · @hannah.rumstedt