Kim Asendorf, SABOTAGE, 2022

Artwork persentation by Kim Asendorf within the exhibition NfTNeTArT

09 March 2022 from 12:00  – 12:30


Kim Asendorf


About the event

Kim Asendorf: SABOTAGE, 2022

Sabotage pictures the constant fight of order versus chaos. It takes shape of a series of real time animations that move pixels in a simple but oddly surprising way. Central to the animation are various sets of patterns such as grids, lines and gradients that are arranged on the canvas to create an initial state of order. The rows start to shift to the left and right and in the middle of the canvas, the 'saboteur' is shifting pixels from the top to the bottom to manipulate the order of the patterns. The process runs endlessly and mixes pixels into new compositions while also restructuring the order on its edges.

Each work has been composed by the artist via parametric settings in a web tool, coded by the artist himself. The artworks will be available for minting on the Ethereum Blockchain directly from the project website. Additional to the basic series there will be a limited edition of artworks that will be created in a video chat with the artist and the collector, where the collector is invited to influence the artist’s decisions and the outcome.

As final act, the tool itself will be offered for minting. The owner of the tool will gain control over the basic series.

Join us for the Instagram Live interview with Kim Asendorf on 7 March 2022 at 12:00 CET.

About the exhibition


⇢ The artwork presentation is part of the exhibition NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT, a cooperation between and OFFICE IMPART.

Kim Asendorf

Kim Asendorf is creating abstract visual systems, conceptually set and realized in algorithms, that are open for a wide range of interpretations. He is working on a per pixel level to create worlds, that mix simplicity with complexity, that never sleep, that can put the viewer in a mesmerizing state. He loves to experiment, is driven by curiosity and finds satisfaction when the results of his work surprise himself. With roots in Net Art, he likes to keep his work easily accessible and the Internet is his favorite canvas.

Kim is widely know for the creation of a Pixel Sorting algorithm he made Open Source and that has been used by thousands of artists and designers since 2012. He created image file formats as work of art or the first animated GIF sent into Deep Space.


SABOTAGE, 2022 – photos: Hannah Rumstedt · @hannah.rumstedt