LaTurbo Avedon, New Sculpt, 2013

Artwork persentation by LaTurbo Avedon within the exhibition NfTNeTArT

02 March 2022 from 00:00  – 00:00


LaTurbo Avedon


About the event

LaTurbo Avedon: New Sculpt, 2013

New Profile Image, 2013
No Leaves, 2013
Version Veil, 2014

"New Sculpt" is a series of dramatically detailed polygonal 3D structures. The process has been to reinterpret photographs using various 3D rendering tools. Returning to the now-aged Second Life platform, LaTurbo Avedon used the process of importing sculpt maps or 'sculpties' as a way to look at images differently. Where the rendering engine is anticipating a prepared sculpt map, which often looks like a smooth gradient of several colors, LaTubo is feeding it a much more complicated sequence of colors when giving it a photographic image. Each imported image has its own conversion to a three-dimensional shape. The resulting objects are often duplicated and arranged to create new formations. For this exhibition, the artist has minted a selection of the 3D structures as NFTs.

About the exhibition


⇢ The artwork presentation is part of the exhibition NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT, a cooperation between and OFFICE IMPART.

LaTurbo Avedon

LaTurbo Avedon is an avatar and artist, creating work that emphasizes the practice of non-physical identity and authorship. Avedon has spent the past decade developing a body of work that illuminates the ever-growing intensity between users and the virtual, pursuing creative environments that deepen the meaning of immaterial experiences. They curate and design Panther Modern, a file-based exhibition space that encourages artists to create site-specific installations for the Internet.


New Profile Image, 2013; No Leaves, 2013; Version Veil, 2014 – photos: Hannah Rumstedt · @hannah.rumstedt



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