Rafaël Rozendaal, 81 Horizons, 2021

Artwork persentation of 81 Horizons by Rafaël Rozendaal within the exhibition NfTNeTArT

24 February 2022 from 00:00  – 00:00


Rafaël Rozendaal


About the event

Rafaël Rozendaal: 81 Horizons, 2021 (Edition of 81)

Horizon 71
Horizon 27
Horizon 11

A genealogy exploring the emergence of meaning in generative aesthetics using micro feedback and a genetic algorithm. It consists of this website and a series of custom constructed wall pieces.

81 Horizons is a collection of 81 fully on-chain landscapes by artist Rafael Rozendaal. Each work consists of a unique combination of two coloured rectangles, hand picked by the artist. Released by Upstream Gallery, smart contract programming by Alberto Granzotto, produced by left gallery.

About the exhibition


⇢ The artwork presentation is part of the exhibition NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT, a cooperation between panke.gallery and OFFICE IMPART.

Rafaël Rozendaal

Rafaël Rozendaal's artistic practice comprises NFTs, websites, installations, prints and writing. His work takes shape through a range of transformations – from movement into abstraction, from virtual into physical space, and from website to print – with all of them informing each other. All of his works have one thing in common: they stem from a fascination with moving images and interactivity in its most basic form. Although Rozendaal is best known for his artworks in the form of websites, he sees no hierarchy between his websites and physical works: "The experience that you have when you are at home using Abstract Browsing on your computer is as authentic as viewing one of the tapestries in a gallery. From my point of view: the Internet is like a waterfall, an exhibition more like an aquarium."

(Rafaël Rozendaal photo: Christina Latina, 2020, Maine, US)