Skyscapes: Berlin-Mitte

an exhibition by Evan Roth

02 February 2023 from 20:00  – 19:00



About the event

/rosa is pleased to have Evan Roth premiere his new series "Skyscapes: Berlin-Mitte" as a partner event of transmediale 2023 on Thursday, February 2 at 20:00 in our space on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin Mitte.

Skyscapes is a series of videos produced from photographs manipulated using historic cartographic techniques. Combining a personal exploration with a historical lens, photographs of the sky around the artists home in Berlin are distorted using a custom piece of software utilizing mapping projections dating back as far as 150 AD.

In many cultures, the circle has historically represented unity, perfection, and the heavens, while the square represented the earth with its four seasons, four elements, and four cardinal directions. This translation between heaven and earth, or circle and square, is also evident in mapping projections as the translation between the spherical earth and the flat rectangular plain of a map.

For centuries cartographers have wrestled with the impossible problem of how to most perfectly represent a spherical world on a flat page or screen. The unavoidable distortions in form and scale deriving from this flattening process (known as a mapping projection) often communicate more than just a simple depiction of continents and are influenced by the biases of the mapmaker.

The Skyscapes series is a personal exploration of the sky and historical mapping algorithms. The resulting works represent a combination of nature, history, cartography, and mathematics to communicate the complex relationship between bias and home.

About the Artist

For the past 15 years, Evan Roth has been making work in arts institutions, in public spaces, and on the internet, resulting in paintings, installations, videos, and websites. Based in Berlin, Roth's practice visualizes, archives, and challenges our perceptions of typically unseen aspects of rapidly changing communication technologies. Often by way of unintended uses of tools and technologies, his work addresses the personal and cultural effects surrounding these changes and the role of individual agency within the media landscape.

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