the Technate Finissage

Finissage & Concert by Nadelør and Ah_mult

26 February 2023 from 15:00  – 22:30


About the event

NADELØR consists of multi-instrumentalist Nime and sound artist burgund t brandt . In their live performances, the duo is dedicated to explorations of acoustic spaces, ideas of electroacoustic and post-serial music in the tradition of musique informelle.

AH_MULT Since fall 2021 the Leipzig musicians ahabzutun and Multimedia Schneider form the duo Ah_mult. Their live productions are based on loop tapes, which set the beat of their sound pieces and at the same time act as sound generators. The analog, noisy sound from the tape is effected, modulated and fragmented in a variety of ways, forming an acoustic contrast to the synthetic clarity of the modular synthesizers. In their pieces Ah_mult explore the interdependencies, interweavings and dividing lines between analog and synthetic sound and create constantly renewing sound fields from this contrast.