A duo show with Sara Ludy & Niko Princen

08 June – 24 June 2022 | Wednesday – Saturday, 3–7 p.m. | June 8th from 7-10p.m.


About the exhibition

The exhibition /home is about how in today's world our domain, our home, is dissolved, superimposed and embedded in the digital. My home is where my computer is, and on my computer there is my user space, my space, my home. Home is a construct, it's as personal as it is abstract, it's regulated and rendered and it’s my life. Home is the center and a hub, it is my house and my foundation and it’s nothing but a concept that shapes my whole reality. The privacy of the home faces a permanent onslaught from surveillance and commercialization. On the other hand, home should be inviting and comfortable, open, safe for all. In the heroic times, home was the center of the world. In a networked society, home is defined by its surroundings and relations. However, home is not only a functional node, it still echoes both the individual and private sphere. From the patriarchal oikos which ties together the concepts of family, property, and house, to the domos and an apartment in the Mietskaserne or Stadtvilla, the concept of home still relates to questions of property and bears the promise of security; as well as the false promises of freedom and fortress, so it sets the basis for a lot of excuses which start with: “but the rent has to be paid.” Furthermore, the digital home is now under attack, too; There is the steady attempt to weaken encryption technologies and make permanent the große Lauschangriff, a kind of total surveillance. Nowadays, the home is equally situated in super-cities and on meta-platforms; this tension and friction is emphasized within the exhibition.


Sara Ludy (b.1980, Orange, CA) is an American artist and composer working in a wide range of media including digital painting, animation, VR, websites, installation, and sound. Through an interdisciplinary practice, hybrid forms emerge from the confluence of nature and simulation to explore notions of immateriality and being. Previous exhibitions of Ludy’s work include the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Vancouver Art Gallery, Whitney Museum of American Art, Berkeley Art Museum, and Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Her work has been featured in Modern Painters, The New York Times, Art Forum, Art in America, and Cultured Magazine. Sara lives and works in Placitas, New Mexico.

Niko Princen (b. 1979, Amsterdam) addresses the technical and networked forms of the social world. His aesthetic interests tend broadly to the human scale of interaction, exchange, and (mis)communication under computation. Princen works in a variety of media, including photography, digital rendering, drawings, prints, video, performance, and installed aggregates. His recent work puts vernacular photography and the technicalities which have come to represent or figure a person in oblique dialogue with the modern history of portraiture and photography. Princen was educated at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and has exhibited in commercial, institutional, and distributed contexts throughout Europe, the United States, and online.


Niko Princen 3D renders are produced by xoio