OPEN SCORES. How to program the Commons

This exhibition brings together 16 practices through which artists articulate their own forms of (digital) commons. From online archives, to digital tools/infrastructure and educational formats, the projects envision a (post-)digital culture in which notions of collaboration, free access to knowledge, sustainable use of shared resources and data privacy are central.

21 September – 12 October 2019 | Wed – Sat from 15:00 – 19:00 and for special events | Vernissage: Sat, 21 September 2019 from 20:00


Cornelia Sollfrank

Shusha Niederberger

Felix Stalder


About the exhibition

For the exhibition, artists have developed a SCORE relating to their practice. A SCORE can have different meanings: It can be a general instruction, a working instruction, a performance instruction or an operating instruction. In any case, it is meant to lead to a realization of an intended action and as such is an interface between a human actor and an object/material/machine. And a SCORE can also be linked to a technical HOWTO document, in that it contains information on how to perform a specific task.

Within the exhibition, the newly developed SCORES add an aesthetic layer while pointing to the socio/political impact of the presented projects. The exhibition will also feature the interviews conducted as part of the research project as well as a temporary library on the subject of digital commons. Furthermore, there will be a program of talks, screenings, and workshops.


Dušan Barok (, Marcell Mars & Tomislav Medak (, Sebastian Lütgert & Jan Gerber (, Sean Dockray (, Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett (, Constant (Michael Murtaugh, Femke Snelting & Peter Westenberg), Laurence Rassel (, Stefanie Wuschitz (Mz* Baltazar’s Lab), Panayotis Antoniadis (, Mario Purakthofer (, Alessandro Ludovico (, Eva Weinmayr (, Kenneth Goldsmith (, Zeljko Blace (#QUEERingNETWORKing), Sakrowski (, Spideralex, Tactical Tech, Creating Commons, Alison Knowles.

Curated by Creating Commons (Shusha Niederberger, Cornelia Sollfrank, Felix Stalder)

Talks, screenings, and workshops

Sat. 21 September 2019, Opening, 19:00
20:00 TEMPLATES, Music Performance, Johannes Kreidler
21:00 Let’s make a salad. Homage to Alison Knowles
22:00 DJ Gigsta

Sun. 22 September 2019, Workshop, 11:00 – 17:00
Wiki What?
Workshop with Dušan Barok. Collaborative building and maintenance of knowledge resources using as an example.

Fri. 27 September 2019, Talk and Screening, 19:00
Film as Digital Object.
Sebastian Lütgert in conversation with Cornelia Lund, followed by Pirate Cinema screening.

Sat. 28 September 2019, Workshop, 11:00 – 17:00
Workshop with Sebastian Lütgert on the 0xdb film database.

Fri. 11 October 2019, Talk, 19:00
Thick Webs & Continuous Relays: Feminist Epistemologies for the Digital Commons Isabel de Sena
Talk with Isabel de Sena examining several feminist concepts that are relevant for envisioning the (digital) commons.

Sat. 12 October 2019, Workshop, 11:00 – 17:00
Moments of Autonomy. Technofeminist Educational Strategies
Think-in with Andrea Hubin, Shusha Niederberger, Peggy Pierrot, Daphne Dragona, Safa Ghnaim, Stefanie Wuschitz and others.


This exhibtion is part of the SNF-funded research project “Creating Commons” and supported by the Institute for Contemporary Art Research, (IFCAR), Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK).


Zündfunk Bayerischer Rundfunk (German): one hour radio broadcast about the exhibition Open Scores and the research project Creating Commons by Markus Metz and Ralf Homann (20.10.2019, Bayern 2)