About the Editions

panke.gallery editions are a series of artist’s limited editions made up of a designed cover and an inlay with the download code for an artwork. The design is intended emphasize the character of the editions as collectible digital objects and to illustrate the work of the featured artist. As well as making you the owner of an artwork, buying an edition is a way to support the gallery: all proceeds are shared between the artist(s), designer(s) and distributor(s) with a portion going towards the operating costs of panke.gallery.

Press coverage

Claire Tolan's Shush Tones – panke.gallery's edition #001 – was featured in Neural, the magazine of critical digital culture and media arts:

“(...) the collective doesn’t ignore to chance to spread the main contents of the work, which are full of contemporary creativity and are meticulously organized by Claire Tolan. Digital activism, net art and club culture are the focus of the electronic crew, who thinks of these editions as a way to support the artists and the continuous gallery projects.”
— Read the full article on neural.it.

Previous editions


Edition #002 – ALEXIETY

ALEXIETY is panke.gallery Edition #002. Together with French musician Low Jack, !Mediengruppe Bitnik have been looking at ways to engage with Alexa and similar Intelligent Personal Assistants through music.


Edition #001 – SHUSH Tones

Panke.gallery’s first edition features artist Claire Tolan with her work SHUSH Tones, a series of system sounds and ringtones for iOS and Android.