!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack and Omsk Social Club presented a #CRYPTORAVE organized in cooperation with KNOTH & RENNER and panke.gallery for the exhibition Alexiety

09 May 2018 from 19:00  – open end


About the event

!Mediengruppe Bitnik and Omsk Social Club, KNOTH & RENNER and panke.gallery worked together to develop the Crypto Rave framework, as an overarching form in which the LARP, installation and Edition Release is seamlessly integrated into the structure of the Club and Gallery.

The Crypto Rave is also a utopian gesture artistically examining whether such a thing as DAO is conceivable to support and map a subculture. The first step was producing the Rave-Enabler - a software created for this exhibition was written and formed the foundation for the Crypto Rave Network.


#crypto #transparency #solidarity #unity #rave


Donna Maya


Low Jack