Finissage "150"

Artist Talk with UBERMORGEN

03 October 2021 from 14:00  – 15:00

live streaming



About the event

As part of the TAG DER CLUBKULTUR we will celebrate the finissage of "150" with an artist talk by UBERMORGEN. The artist duo will talk about the polemic anticipatory “D-Mark COIN-White Paper” which they have released on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition at in September.
150 takes up the nightmarish idea of the Proclamation of the German Empire, corresponding with current Alt-Right manifestations enabled by Crypto Bro Libertarianism. In commemoration of said “150 years Germany,” UEBERMORGEN's work addresses cybernetic issues and artistically investigates informational processes in both the social and technological space.

Sakrowski, the curator of the exhibiton, will be at to do a live video call with the artists. The talk will also be streamed live on our twitch channel.

About the Artist

UBERMORGEN is an artist duo founded in 1995. Autistic actionist lizvlx and pragmatic visionary Hans Bernhard are pioneers and media hackers widely recognized for their high-risk research into data & matter, conceptual art, haute couture websites and polarising social experiments. CNN called them 'Maverick Austrian Business People' during their Vote-Auction online project. They reached a global audience of 500 million while challenging the FBI, CIA, and NSA during the US presidential election. In 2005, they launched their acclaimed EKMRZ Trilogy, a series of conceptual hacks – Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir, and The Sound of eBay. UBERMORGEN controls 175 domains. Their exhibitions include Liverpool Biennial; Whitney Museum (2020); New Museum, New York; Somerset House, London; Haifa Museum of Art, Israel/Palestine (2019); Wei-Ling Contemporary Malaysia; HKW, Berlin; ZKM; National Art Gallery, Sofia (2017); ICA Miami; Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius (2015); Serpentine Galleries, London (2014); Kunsthal Aarhus; Ars Electronica, Austria; MoMA Ljubljana; ArtScience Museum, Singapore (2013); 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Japan (2012); Centre Pompidou; Gwangju Design Biennale; WRO Media Art Biennale (2011); Prague Biennale (2009); Biennale of Sydney (2008); MOCA Taipei (2007); The Premises, Johannesburg; ICC Tokyo (2005); SFMOMA, USA (2001).