MetaCuts 2

DnB Streaming event with BassDee | Bleed | Feed and visuals by Alexej Paryla watch live on 15 May 2020

15 May 2020 from 20:00  – 01:00


About the event

METACUTS seeks to promote a dialogue between the different generations, inviting local and international artists to its stage. When D&B and jungle meet urban bass and dub culture with a focus on the connection between digital and network-based arts and on those, that work with sound and poetry. All associated with club culture. We promise a night of visual artists, creating the subject of the night themselves and bringing back the 90s community on stage again. We’d like to recreate the atmosphere from back in the days and give a new life to a community 90s kids of today.

BassDee | Bleed | Feed |

BassDee (Radio Massive, Hidden Hawaii) When it comes to DJ legends from Berlin, BassDee is right there among the top mentions. Beginning to play in 1991, he left his diverse and eclectic musical footprint on the best dancefloors all across town. He is a founding member of Hard:Edged, one of Berlin’s most influential party series, based out of the WMF club. As well as co-running Case Invaders, a record label for Drum & Bass with a unique sound signature, he co-founded Exponence, a series of events focusing on the deeper territories of Drum & Bass. BassDee recently joined the Hidden Hawaii crew and co-produced the critically acclaimed “Veteranenstraße EP“ together with Felix K.

DJ Bleed Juggling between House, Techno, Drum and Bass, writing and publishing from his Cosmic Orgasm warehouse sound system days in the early nineties until today, DJ Bleed still likes his breaks original and his basslines massive. He ran Case Invaders with BassDee, was part of the Hard:Edged, Exponence and Breakbeat City crews and still happily produces the occasional Drum and Bass tune reminiscent of the golden age when he is not transforming elementary school children into electronic music producers with his Touching Music Project.

DJ Feed Bass Terror member, Hard:Edged cofounder, Radio Massive cohost and Exponence originater, DJ Feed has always been one of the most influential and driving forces of the Berlin Drum and Bass Scene and has been keeping the pulse of deep innovation and relentless futurism in music and nightlife constantly on its toes. His ultrafunky DJ-style, turning even the most complex breaks into instant rewind material, still thrills floors whenever he appears for one of his elusive sets.

Alexej Paryla, stage designer. after an apprenticeship as a stonemason first working in the trade, than a study of scenography at the art school Berlin Weissensee. Since creating installations, designs for exhibitions and theater.

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