Miyö van Stenis

Artwork presentation of {} _* **.m.^^ _.m.^^+ u ’------- Totally not a Virus. Trus me, I’m a Dolphin Rock by Miyö van Stenis within the exhibition Planetary Atoll.

05 November 2022 from 15:00  – 15:30

Planetary Atoll

Miyö van Stenis


About the event

Back to basics, is a restored collection of Net.art pieces made between 2009 to 2013. Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020 and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player. The artist is on the look for a gold key to save his work for at least another 10 years, {} _* **.m.^^ _.m.^^+ uA—--- .

__ {} _* **.m.^^ _.m.^^+__ . All pieces were created as a glitch experiment. The search for the rugged using Adobe ActionScript 2.0 to create a visual-non-controlled reaction from the script using just 3 dots as a graphic component.

u —---. Present a missing file that changes visually depending on the browser used to navigate the piece. This simple error illustrated a poem inside his source code:

I I humbly breakfast immateriality I cover myself before going out with the cloak of her metaphor I make her physical, while she in my hands silently slips

It's my hateful lover That made Klein jump into the void just to feel her Hear the din of our disappointment! About Klein there is nothing left He came undone as he plunged into her

Outside in the streets when no one sees her, my crazy beloved gives me life what makes that for me, her love is my luck but she also, immaterially, kills me when I braid the hair of her complex nothingness

Beautiful and malicious, the immaterial at night, escapes from my words and makes the verb our clandestine lover Sitting at the window, I see her at dawn satisfied.

II of the computer metaphor of his holy image I only see its infinite representation she puts a mirror in front of my eyes me with her there I multiply.

2009 - 2013 {} _* **.m.^^ _.m.^^+ uA—---

2014 Totally not a Virus. Trus me, I’m a Dolphin http://www.miyovanstenis.com/dolphin/ html + css + js

Totally not a Virus. Trus me, I’m a Dolphin Computer viruses have posed questions about the nature of life. Though the question of what one can consider alive is just as much a topic of philosophy as biology, the fact that viruses possess many of the same functional aspects as biological entities suggests that they could be useful to fields of research that involve artificial life. LUDWIG Mark. Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution. 1993

kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me. ILOVEYOU.vbs

A Net.Art piece as an ode for a worm and a virus that caused more than $10 Billions in damages, exposed in this piece as a commemorative moment of 1995 to 2005’s computer security invasion. Both codes created by “accident” reveal a pattern of organic intelligence that opened the discussion of the possibility of an artificial life inside our computers. “What is life?”. “Are Viruses alive?” is a difficult question in any scope, but if it’s so, Trust me, I’m a Dolphin is The Genesis of malwares intelligence.

The original piece included the source code of both malwares, but current firewalls quickly detect and block this content giving us the impression that we are “vaccinated” from those eldery life forms. However, we can still appreciate an extract of the Virtual Basic Script (.vbs) found in an IBM Aptiva 2137-E14 that the artist owned since 1998, a reminder of the most beautiful lines of code, ILOVEYOU.

Join us for the Instagram Live interview with Miyö van Stenis from 05 November 2022 at 15:00.

About the exhibition

Planetary Atoll: Connecting Latin American Dots is an exhibition dedicated to a set of net art works that were produced by artists from the region throughout the last three decades.

Surrounded by bipolarities, we are trying to liberate ourselves from nationalist ideas while needing to address specific issues. Whereas Internet based projects promise to outreach a planetary public, they also reveal otherwise forgotten regional specific situations. The Internet has become a political dicomotical ground, but it is also the place where a connective tissue is formed. Rather than adopting a cartography shaped by an up and down model, this exhibition examines the gap between the local and the global and how that in-betweenness emerges in certain digital artworks. This exhibtion is part of the Magical Hackerism project by SAVVY Contemporary in collaboration with panke.gallery, funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin. The exhibition is taking place in the context of Berlin Art Week.

About the Artist

Miyö Van Stenis is an artist and curator currently based in Paris. Through performance and coding she explores Internet interfaces, operating systems, software and computational devices. Her interest is in the error and the limit in the human and machine interactions. A number of her projects focus on the socio-political crisis in Venezuela. Her curatorial practice engages critical approaches to post-internet aesthetics and new media/technologies and includes livestream channel DeOrigenBelico (since 2010), Beautiful Interfaces: The Deep in the Void as part of The Wrong Biennale (2014), and Beautiful Interfaces: The Privacy Paradox (co- curated with Helena Acosta, currently on view in Reverse art gallery as part of Creative Tech Week New York, 2016). She is a founding member of the activist group: Dismantling the Simulation. Introduction made by Magda Tyżlik-Carver at Internet Lovers ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Naked Flux [interview with Miyö van Stenis and Michaël Borras AKA Systaime]

CURATORIAL PROJECTS Eroticissima Game (VR Erotic Simulator) https://www.eroticissima.wtf/ BI – Beautiful Interfaces (Deepweb – P2P Gallery) http://beautifulinterfaces.org/ Dismantling the Simulation (Activist Group) http://dismantlingthesimulation.com/ DOB DeOrigenBélico®


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work by Miyö van Stenis (2016)