Outside In

Evening event at /rosa, Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 35, 10178 Berlin

22 June 2022 from 19:00  – 22:00




About the event

/rosa is pleased to present “Outside In,” a web-based, site-specific augmented reality exhibition by Manuel Rossner and Damjanski realized on OpenAR.art. There will be a an artist presentation in /rosa.

"Outside In" explores the augmented possibilities of reality. Spatial software introduced new materialities and perspectives to people’s perceptions. Humans are spatial creatures. We experience most of our lives in relation to space. Manuel Rossner’s work "Spatial Painting (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz)" no longer distinguishes between the real world and the alternative world, but experiences space simultaneously as a physical dimension, virtual image and hyperreal medium. His drawings, created in VR, interfere with the location. Damjanski’s piece "Inside: Spatial Painting (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz)" stands in dialogue to Manuel’s piece and gives visitors access to experience the work from the inside. A perspective that wouldn’t have been possible with AR technology. Both pieces complement each other by giving visitors a new spatial experience.

Visit exhibition on openAR


Manuel Rossner (* 1989) lives and works in Berlin. He studied art at the University of Art and Design Offenbach, the École des Arts-Décoratifs Paris and the Tongji College for Design and Innovation Shanghai. Since 2012, Rossner has been designing digital spaces and virtual worlds in which he investigates the effects of technological developments on society and art. He builds interactive architecture with digital materials that are spatial interventions and virtual extensions.

From June to November 2021 Rossner participates in the group show “Out of Space” at Hamburger Kunsthalle. The exhibition focuses on the notion of space in the work of artists such as Dan Graham, Gordon Matta-Clark and Charlotte Posenenske. Rossner created the site specific virtual reality installation “How Did We Get Here?” for the exhibition. The artwork will become the first NFT (Non Fungible Token) in the permanent collection of the museum.

For the Grand Palais Éphemère in Paris Rossner created the artwork “Where to Go from Here?”. It’s shown where multiple world exhibitions took place and where the Eiffel Tower, one of the most recognizable steel structures in the world, was built from 1887 to 1889.

Rossner’s site-specific augmented reality experience questions the future of technology. Its sleek aesthetic, the “signature of the present” (Byung Chul-Han), represents the digital age in which speed, flexibility and gamification are idealized.

Damjanski is an artist living in a browser. Concerned with themes of power, poetry and participation, he explores the concept of apps as artworks. The app "Bye Bye Camera" is the camera for the post-human era. Every picture people take automatically removes any person. The app "Computer Goggles" let’s people capture the world like a machine sees it and the "LongARcat" app creates long cats in AR. In 2018, he co-founded "MoMAR", an Augmented Reality gallery app aimed at democratizing physical exhibition spaces, art institutions and curatorial processes within New York’s Museum of Modern Art. WIRED covered the launch with the headline "Augmented Reality Is Transforming Museums". He created an online space that only programs can access. This software performance, called "Humans not invited", first hit Reddit’s front page before it was shown at the König Galerie in Berlin. In March 2022, he published his first decentralized app (dapp) "Unhuman Compositions". It’s a collection of 777 participatory generative photography NFTs – each generated when a person takes a photo with the camera of their smartphone. The work invites people to explore the abstraction of our physical world through a generative algorithm. His work has appeared internationally, including exhibitions at NRW-Forum, König Galerie, Roehrs & Boetsch, Pioneer Works, MoCDA, Tropez, Import Projects. Currently Damjanski resides in New York.