Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates [Release Party]

Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates is an interactive digital maze made up of nine interlinked games from members of the AAA collective - each dealing with the possibility of utopian ideals. The aesthetic as well as the gameplay vary from game to game, creating a mesh of atmospheres and worlds revealing the inherent multitude of utopian aspirations.


Another world is possible.

05 December 2019 from 19:00  – open end



About the event

Join us to celebrate the release of our latest project, Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates. Utopias is an interactive digital maze made up of nine interlinked games. A network of conflicting realities exploring the possibility of utopian ideals.

🔓 It's a game and you can play it. 🔓 But you can also just chill, grab a drink & watch us perform it for you :) 🔓 ~ We got palm trees and space ships and islands of fingers and custom gravities ~ 🔓 WE OFFER A COMFY AND CHILL ARCADE AND LIVE PERFORMANCE WITH MUSIC

🕳️ Made in Berlin. ✖️ No institutions. ✖️ No bosses. ✖️ No budget.

💸 FREE 💸 bring your friends and hang out with us for an hour or stay and dance into the night.

Another world is possible.


Premium Videogame Art Collective 60 FPS, 4K

AAA is a collective that uses video-game engines, web technologies, performance and lectures as part of our creative practice. We think a lot about labor, collaboration and culture building and this is the basis of much of our work. Our members are based in Berlin, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. From 2015 we have been curating aaartgames, a public community event in Berlin with a focus on investigating how video-games, virtual worlds and experimental CGI intersect with art and culture.


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