Vincent van Uffelen: "Assessing Online Art Platforms"

live streamed keynote with q&a as part of openAR

13 June 2021 from 11:15  – 12:45


Live Streaming

About the event

In his keynote "Assessing online art platforms", Vincent van Uffelen gives a brief introduction into a basic framework of technological and socio-economic aspects that influence the structure, dynamics, and outcomes of (successful) online art platforms.

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The lecture is part of's project openAR.

About the Artist

Vincent Van Uffelen (DE) uses his background in computer science, arts, and cultural studies to investigate how the making and utilization of artifacts can be used to learn about alternative ways to access and interfere with the constantly changing entanglement of natural, technological, sociological, and cultural systems. Believing in a world of BOTH/AND he oscillates between revealing practices, such as open experiments that welcome the unexpected, and the creation of enframing tools and techniques that act as enabling constraints for thoughts and actions. His work, he hopes, generates small chances to reveal the nature of the bridges that span the boundary between the now and the adjoining possible future.
While his playful explorations of the knowable and experienceable can take the form of installations he focuses mainly on performances, workshops, and interventions, using their performative nature for further enquiry into collaboration, co-creation, and collective learning.
He has exhibited, performed, presented, or held his collaborative and solo work in Austria, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

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