Hauntology of the Cloud

Solo exhibition by Micaela Terk

21 November 2019 – 14 December 2019 | Wed. - Sat. 15:00 ~19:00 | Vernissage starts 19:30

About the exhibition

There is a cloud floating somewhere over our heads which has imbedded itself in every one of us. The cloud is in every place and no place; it has grown to accompany our lives without us even knowing what it really is. Hauntology of the Cloud is a journey to the heart of the Cloud, and an adventure into the ghostliness imposed on us by virtual spaces.


Micaela Terk is an artist, designer, and researcher, currently exploring the juicy and unfamiliar realms nested in-between speculative design, embodied cognition, and human computer interaction. In 2018 she founded Goodbye Books, a publishing platform which explores the potential impacts of somatic practices and performance research on HCI and digital culture. Micaela's work crosses various media, namely performance, video, text, and installation. She often looks to uncover the performative and physical nature of quotidian actions pursued in the virtual realms we are increasingly immersed in.

Links: www.goodbyebooks.org / www.micaelaterk.tumblr.com /https://medium.com/@terkmicaela

Documentation of the exhibition

hauntology of the cloud - detail - Photo Alexia Manzano

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