A sonic installation by Martin Bricelj Baraga and Olaf Bender

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About the exhibition

Due to updated corona restrictions in Berlin this exhibition will be postponed. Please come back later for further updates.

Panke Gallery presents for the first time the solely surround sound version of the installation. The installation was spatially recorded at the 1st Pochen Biennale in Chemnitz & the installation in Panke is recreation in the famous Hartmannfabrik ambient. Neunundneunzig, a dark kinetic sculpture comprised of 99 balloons, pays tribute to the anti-nuclear song »99 Luftballons« and reflects on post-Cold War Europe in a unique, multi-sensory experience. While being inflated, the balloons surround the visitors to create an intense physical, sonic, and visual experience. Being a dark field of intensities where sound, light, and objects are inhaling, exhaling, and pulsating in a space that is shrinking and extending, it creates a highly intensive, even claustrophobic psycho-­physical and socio­-spatial experience that mirrors the current conditions of our society.

About the artists

Martin Bricelj Baraga is a media artist and curator. His works explore the relations between spaces, environment, nature, technology and people. His installations and interventions are often set in unusual urban contexts or natural environments. He created many interactive works based on the creation of entirely new situations in public space, which for him is a concept that he himself understands very broadly and includes both actual spaces in cities or nature as well as virtual worlds. His procedural works are firmly anchored in time and expose time as one of the key elements. The materialization of work is often merely a trigger that establishes a project which is later developed in interaction with its users. He’s received many international awards for his work, including the Glow festival award, the Wro media biennial award, the Europrix Multimedia award, Memefest awards, Baltimore Magazine award etc. He’s the director of the MoTA – Museum of Trasitory Art, a co-founder of the SONICA festival and member of the Nonument Group art & research collective.

Olaf Bender is a musician interested in the physicality of sound. In 1996, he co-founded the Raster-noton label and art platform with Carsten Nicolai with whom he also collaborates with in the Diamond Version project and in the Signal trio with Frank Brentschneider. He is most known for his work under the Byetone moniker, through which he made a significant impact on the sound of modern electronic music. Bender creates his music digitally by assembling sine tones to complex sound fabrics, digital clicks, and effect plug-ins creating a distinct post-techno sound and audio-visual experiences on the border between club culture and sound art.

Both coming from ex-communist countries, Baraga and Bender are working on a series of immersive experiences and installation works joined by their common interest in minimalist aesthetics and use of technology in sculpture. Neunundneunzig is a space where both artists share their experience of political transition from one system to another and through it release all the hidden forces and oppressions of modern times.

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The installation will run every 20min from 3pm to 7pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

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