Martin Bricelj Baraga’s exclusive gallery version of the immersive sound sculpture Neunundneunzig

10 November – 25 November 2021 | Wed to Sat from 3–7pm | Closing on Thu 25 November until 10pm

About the exhibition presents NINE, an exclusive gallery version of the captivating sound sculpture Neunundneunzig by Martin Bricelj Baraga and Olaf Bender (Raster-Noton).
The original work is comprised of a matrix of 99 balloons which constitute an immersive yet intimate performance. While being inflated, the balloons surround visitors to create an intense physical, sonic, and visual experience. Inspired by “99 Luftballons”, an anti-nuclear protest song by Nena, the work reflects upon the dystopian and destructive cracks that widen in society. It establishes a dark field where sound, light, and objects inhale, exhale and pulsate in a space that continually shrinks and extends, thus creating a highly intensive, even claustrophobic psycho-physical and socio-spatial ambience.

About the artists

Martin Bricelj Baraga is a media artist and curator. His works explore the interdependencies between environment, technology, nature and people. His installations and interventions are often set in unusual urban contexts or natural environments. His interactive work is rooted in the creation of novel situations in public space, a concept that comprises both physical locations and virtual worlds. His procedural works are firmly anchored in time and expose it as one of the key elements. Once set up, his work initiates a continuous interaction and development in dialogue with its users. He has received numerous international awards for his work, including the Glow festival award, the Wro media biennial award, the Europrix Multimedia award, Memefest awards, and the Baltimore Magazine award. He is director of the MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, a co-founder of the SONICA festival and member of the Nonument Group art & research collective.

Olaf Bender is a musician who is interested in the physicality of sound. In 1996, he co-founded the Raster-Noton label and art platform along with Carsten Nicolai and Frank Brentschneider with whom he also collaborates on the Diamond Version project and the Signal trio. He is best known for his work under the moniker Byetone, which has had a significant impact on the sound of modern electronic music. Bender creates his music digitally by assembling sine tones into complex sound fabrics, digital clicks, and effect plug-ins creating a distinct post-techno sound and audio-visual experiences which straddle the border between club culture and sound art.

Your visit

The installation will run every 20 minutes from 3pm to 7pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

2G COVID-19 regulations apply for a visit to the gallery. To ensure a smooth procedure we kindly ask you to have your certificate ready, to register at the site and wear a mask if possible.

— Please note, that the installation is not suitable for epilleptic people. —


Idea & concept: Martin Bricelj Baraga
Sound design: Olaf Bender
Technical design: Igor Vuk
Curation: Larissa Wunderlich
Production: MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art &

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, SKICA Berlin – Slovenian Cultural Centre Berlin

NINE – exhibtion side view – Photo by Mathias Völzke

NINE – exhibtion front view – Photo by Mathias Völzke

NINE – installation detail

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